Interfacing computers to physics experiments
This page is for the new ExpEYES (ExpEYES Junior)
For the old ExpEYES click here
Download and install Driver

1. Don't connect expEYES Junior.
2. Download the driver package from the microchip site to any folder. Unzip the package.
3. For 32-bit Windows (how do I know?), go to the folder Driver Installation Tool\x86, for 64-bit go to Driver Installation Tool\x64
4. Double-click MCP2200DriverInstallationTool.exe
5. The first time you plugin expEYES Junior you will see the driver installation window above.

Complete Software

Download and install
29 August 2013: First version of croplus.

We have ensured that there is no virus or malware in our files.
Please ignore any warnings issued by Windows during installation.

ExpEYES Junior

Download the software on this page and interface me easily to Windows computers