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Windows Software for expEYES

The expEYES software provided on the CD which comes with the kit (and available at runs on Linux platforms such as Ubuntu and Debian. A windows version is also provided, but it runs under python. It requires the installation of python, py-serial, PIL, numpy, scipy before installing There is no problem with this. However it is a long installation procedure and the source codes are in python. Here we provide native windows executables and source codes in Visual C++ and C. Users who want to run expEYES in Windows can install the single zip file provided here. In addition, those interested in software will enjoy studying the codes, programming tips and tutorials.

ExpEYES ... Your Lab@Home

ExpEYES is a science kit. It's a little box that plugs into the USB port of your computer. Using expEYES you can perform a wide range of experiments. Its essential components are a signal generator and oscilloscope. You can generate a variety of signals and display them on your computer screen. With the help of the built-in microphone and included components such as capacitors, resistors, colis, magnets, speaker, piezo, LEDs, diodes, transisotrs, thermistors. There are over 50 documented experiments and you can devise more of your own. If you would like to buy the kit or learn more about its features you should visit the main expEYES site.

How to buy
Developer 1

Ambar Chatterjee
DrAmbar at

Developer 2

Ashutosh Mishra
frozenthrone.ashutosh.mishra at

In a nutshell

Here we provide native Windows software with an easier installation procedure. We dont need python and other packages. We have made the user interface more user friendly. We also provide programming tutorials for readers who are interested in software development.

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